Welcome to CDSoft

We are your best choice in computer services with our open source solutions as well as commercial solutions.

In CDSoft we have specialized in consulting the following IT products and services as well as providing different courses and training.
  • Nuestros Clientes
  • Implementación de sistemas ERP
  • Soporte a Servicios Middleware
  • Implementación de Sistemas de Punto de Venta
  • Migración de Data Center a la Nube, Virtualización de Data Centers
  • Soporte a Servicios Middleware
  • Soporte a Bases de Datos
  • Desarrollo de aplicaciones a la medida.
  • Sistemas de Respuesta de Voz Interactiva IVR
  • Analisis y Desarrollo de soluciones a la medida
  • Soporte a Servicios Middleware




Ask about our options through our contact section or  you can write us through our email: info@cdsoftca.com