We have highly trained personnel to help optimize the infrastructure of your company:

  • Centralized Backup System

Backup System

CDSoft offers a multiplatform and centralized backup solution, supports Windows clients, Linux, Solaris, Laptops / Desktops.

  • NAS / SAN with  iSCSI

SAN NAS Storage

An iSCSI NAS / SAN solution leverages network resources to present volumes of distributed storage.

  • Data Center Virtualization:


Nowadays, having physical servers is no longer a viable and economical option, since it has to invest in space, wiring, cooling, etc.

By virtualizing your servers consolidates and saves the number of hardware to use versus the number of servers your company needs. This solution is the Virtualization of servers.

CDSoft has support to implement this virtualization with commercial products: VMWare and Open Source (Proxmox, OpenVZ, etc).

  • Inventory of Infrastructure and Remote Software Installation

The perfect combination to maintain inventory throughout your Data Center and personal computers.

Additional has the centralization for installation of packages, so it is detached from performing this task server by server or computer by computer.

  • Data Center Local to Cloud Migration

Infraestructura Cloud

We are experts in migration from local servers to servers in the cloud including personalized support to our clients for the installation and configuration of their systems.


If you need more detailed information about our solutions, you can contact us through our contact form or  you can write to us