Our team provides solid support in both commercial and open source middleware components. The services provided are both administration, implementation and consulting.

Among the products supported by CDSoft we have:

  • Web Servers

IBM Http Server (IHS) is the fast and secure web page container, it is also used to connect the Web layer to the WebSphere application server.

Oracle Http Server (OHS) is Oracle’s solution for static content as well as the interconnection to WebLogic Application Server for a multi-layer application developed in Java.

Middleware Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat is the Open Source version of a Web container for applications made in Java.

Middleware Microsoft IIS

Microsoft IIS is the container for Web applications developed in Visual Studio (ASP .net, Visual Basic Components or C #).

  • Application Servers:

Glassfish is the Open Source Java 2EE application server developed by Oracle.

Middleware Oracle Weblogic Server

WebLogic Application Server is the commercial version for the Java 2EE application container.

Middleware IBM WebSphere Application Server

WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment is the most complete Java 2EE application container on the market due to its high scalability and availability.

  • Messaging:

IBM WebSphere Message Queue is the commercial solution for JMS messaging.

Middleware Rabbit Message Queue MQ

Rabbit MQ is the open source solution for JMS messaging.

If you need additional information you can contact us through our de contact from or you can write us to our  email: info@cdsoftca.com